Inside The NBA
Tipping Point
With the Nets' playoff hopes fast dwindling, Jason Kidd intends to hold management's feet to the fire
Inside The NFL
Back to School
Nick Saban may have made the jump to the pros, but he'll rely on his college connections to prep for his first draft
Inside Golf
No Contest
Annika Sorenstam nearly lapped the field at the Nabisco, fueling talk of a Grand Slam. Is she the best ever?
Inside Soccer
High and Dry
Though its captain made a heartening return, the U.S. bowed yet again in the 7,200-foot altitude of Mexico City
2005 Final Four
Take the Shot
As a frenetic NCAA tournament reaches its finale, the national champion is likely to be determined by a showdown among deadeye marksmen
Baseball Preview 2005
Batter Up!
The season can't start until the lineup card is filled in, and that's a lot more complicated than you would think
Batting by Numbers
Like big-city neighborhoods, each batting-order spot has its own flavor, and some areas are higher-rent than others. Here's a Fodor's guide to the regions of a lineup card.
Where to Bat Bonds?
Deciding on the most beneficial spot in the order to place Barry Bonds--and pleasing the most fearsome slugger in the history of the game--isn't as easy as it might appear
Leading Man
The job of the leadoff hitter is to get on base, and who does it better than Ichiro Suzuki? Problem is, few other players measure up
Little Big Man
Happy to be riding the bus and taking his lumps for $750 a week, minor league hockey king Kevin Kerr could be an inspiration to some sullen superstars
Former pitcher Rick Ankiel, 25, is trying to make the Cardinals as an outfielder. How's he doing? SI's Ankielometer tells all.
The Golden Girls
Behind the game's most prolific scorer, Minnesota won another NCAA title
Numbers Racket
Giants punter Jeff Feagles has mastered the secondary uniform market, in which players swap numbers with covetous colleagues. In the past two years he's gotten a Florida vacation (from Eli Manning) and a new kitchen (Plaxico Burress). Here's how the number exchange has fluctuated.