Horse Racing
Boston College-Notre Dame
Avenging last year's rout, Boston College shocked No. 1 Notre Dame on a wild Saturday that saw two other Top 5 teams fall as well
Pack on Track
Led by the bruising play of Reggie White, resurgent Green Bay battered the Detroit Lions to close in on first place in the NFC Central
Heather Farr
College Basketball 1993-94
The Sky's The Limit
Tar Heel Rasheed Wallace heads a squadron of first-year big men who, because of their remarkable range and mobility, promise to take the game to new heights
Home on the Range
Seldom is heard a discouraging word about 7-foot Bryant (Big Country) Reeves of Oklahoma State, whose future is as wide open as his nickname
The Best of the Rest
When all the shouting is over, one of eight unranked contenders could have a breakthrough year and qualify as this season's Cinderella
A Queen and Her Court
Whether Heidi Gillingham is at homecoming weekend or the women's Final Four, the 6'10" All-America center reigns supreme for Vanderbilt
Women's Top 10
Forget all the talk about parity. One of the game's traditional powers will plow through the NCAA tournament's expanded field of 64 teams
Division II
Cal State—Bakersfield may not have the glitz of schools in L.A., but it does have the hottest basketball program—for its size—in the state
Holy (purple) cow, after 32 years of self-imposed exile from postseason play, Williams can once again compete for the national title
World Cup '94
Pigeon Racing
Point After