September 17, 1972

The saddest of all Olympic Games saw the flags of 126 countries at half staff under the Olympic flame, while rancor and controversy still raged
From out of Hollywood comes the saga of Mark Harmon, handsome, articulate son of Old 98, who in his first starring role last week quarterbacked underdog UCLA to a final-reel victory over mighty Nebraska
Forest Hills
Pro Football
Heading into 1972, the game has problems. The question is, when will its proprietors wake up and do something?
Scouting Reports '72
National East
Everybody has quarterback problems, so why should the Cowboys worry? Even playing catch-up, they'll pass George Allen, who never wins playoffs
National Central
As though the Vikings haven't kicked the old Black and Blue around plenty already, they have come up with a new scoring punch in Fran Tarkenton and their best all-round team to date
National West
While the 49ers were standing pat, Los Angeles played chess, made some deft moves and improved by 20%, enough to give the Rams an edge in an old rivalry
American East
Even if they suffer injuries for a change, the Dolphins are going to be rough. They have added size in the middle, which is bad news in Baltimore and New York
American Central
After 40 years the Pittsburgh Steelers just could win their first title—if; if they can find a pass defense, if the team can win away from home and if Quarterback Terry Bradshaw has grown up
American West
Raiders and Chiefs, Chiefs and Raiders. They both strike fearsome poses. It will be Oakland, though, mostly because the team has had to change least
Olympic Medals
College Football
A sleeping giant awakens
For two years USC has been high on promise, low on performance, but last week's thrashing of Arkansas proves it is a contender for No. 1
Horse Racing
Why Is This Man Laughing?
Believe it or not, Cowboy Coach Tom Landry seethes with emotion. Old Computer Face just believes poise and composure are the keys to victory—even in the Super Bowl
For The Record
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over