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Here's the Deal
The forecast for this winter? A flurry of trades that could include some of the biggest stars in the game
Fast Climbers
None were among the top 70 picks in April, but these opportunistic rookies deserve a spot on your draft board
Born to Run
A breakaway threat who might score on any play, Cal's Jahvid Best could juke his way into the Heisman race
Wideouts Gone Wild
They're among the greatest athletes in sports—and often the loudest. As Offenses become ever more reliant on their skills, the NFL's new stars are dominating the air and the airwaves. Welcome to the receivers revolution
Already among the elite receivers, Larry Fitzgerald went stratospheric in the 2008 playoffs. A snapshot look at one of the NFL's most compelling figures
Peter King's QB POLL's Monday Morning Quarterback columnist called on five NFL experts to evaluate the league's passers in critical categories
A fad, or the future? This season will tell whether the Wildcat, which sparked the Fins' playoff run, is here to stay
3 New York JETS
The Rex Ryan era begins—and it's no surprise that the tone will be set by a swarming, stifling, run-stopping defense
4 Buffalo BILLS
There's a new star in town, but the reality is that one man—even one with his own TV show—can't turn things around
2 Baltimore RAVENS
A new coordinator won't mess with their defensive style. Will his new tactics get them past the Steelers?
3 Cincinnati BENGALS
Branded a bust in Chicago, tailback Cedric Benson is one of several castoffs being counted on to help a woeful team change its stripes
4 Cleveland BROWNS
It'll take a Mangenius to fix all the mistakes by the lake—and the floundering franchise hopes it has one in its new coach
1 Houston TEXANS
With the core players hitting their prime, this bunch is (finally) ready to reach the top in a daunting division
2 Indianapolis COLTS
What do you do when the second-leading receiver in NFL history is gone? Indy turned to its bench instead of the draft
3 Tennessee TITANS
The defense's new boss knows all about smashmouth. But can hard hitting make up for a massive loss up front?
3 Denver BRONCOS
The big shake-up came at QB, but if the defense can't keep the score down, it won't matter who's throwing the ball
4 Oakland Raiders
Structure and discipline? With this team? Those are the watchwords for a new staff that's going back to basics
1 New York GIANTS
The already formidable running game will carry an even greater load, and that includes backs catching more passes
1 Chicago BEARS
A cannon-armed new quarterback has raised the stakes, and now it's up to the wide receivers to raise their game
2 Minnesota VIKINGS
Brett Favre adds a new dimension to the offense—it's called a passing game—and juices the postseason prospects
3 Green Bay PACKERS
If the No. 1 back regains his form and the reconfigured defense comes together, the Pack will have a playoff shot
4 Detroit LIONS
New season, new coach, new players, new outlook. Time to turn the page on the past and start fresh
2 Carolina PANTHERS
After earning the top seed last season, they sank to the depths in the playoffs. Now depth is their biggest concern
1 Seattle SEAHAWKS
Given a fresh start thanks to a coaching change, Julius Jones plans to energize an offense that counts heavily on the run
4 St. Louis RAMS
Attempting a ground-up renovation, a rookie coach hopes his cornerstone will be a raw and respectful rookie tackle
Point After
World Class
A slugging California crew continues the U.S.'s dominance in Williamsport
What smart fans should do this week