In an ESPN poll last month, his NFL peers voted Peterson, 28, the player they most want to see win a Super Bowl ring. After failing to make the playoffs, the Vikings' All-Pro running back underwent groin surgery on Jan. 23 and will be ready for next season.

DAN PATRICK:I don't ask men this very often, but how's your groin?

ADRIAN PETERSON: It's feeling pretty good. I'm getting around well.

DP: You look thinner.

AP: I haven't worked out in a month.

DP:Shouldn't you get fatter?

AP: Normally you do, but with my genetics I get slimmer.

DP:Do people ask to see the scars from your knee surgeries?

AP: All the time.

DP:Do you show them?

AP: Yeah, why not?

DP:I'm not going to ask to see the groin scar.

AP: Please don't.

DP:How often do you think about the fact that you haven't been to a Super Bowl?

AP: I think about it every season. After this year I sat back and thought, Another missed opportunity. When we played the Saints, you couldn't have told me we wouldn't be back in the NFC championship game.

DP:What bothers you about that 2010 loss to New Orleans?

AP: [The Saints'] Reggie Bush muffed a punt, and we got the ball at the 10-yard line [right before] halftime. I'll never forget the play. It was an outside zone play [on which he fumbled]. That bothers me the most.

DP:Do you think they were going after quarterback Brett Favre in that game?

AP: Not really.

DP:Not even safety Darren Sharper?

AP: Sharp definitely had something against him. He lit him up a couple of times.

DP:How goofy was Favre?

AP: He was one of the funniest people I've been around.

DP:What about Favre as a player?

AP: I remember running a five-yard check-down route. That ball came by me so fast, [I felt] the wind, and I was like, Wow.

DP:Do you think the Vikings will draft a quarterback?

AP: I don't know. I hope not.

DP:Who do you want to start next year?

AP: Matt Cassel. We were productive when he was behind center. If [we do] draft a quarterback, [Johnny] Manziel or [Teddy] Bridgewater. They have the potential to come in and play.

DP:How many years until you start thinking you might need a trade out of Minnesota?

AP: I'm the type of person who likes to keep hope and faith alive. But then again, it's a business. I've seen guys who've been done dirty, from Peyton Manning to Brett Favre.

DP:What's your fanciest car?

AP: I have a Bentley. It's my baby.

DP:What's in better shape, you or the Bentley?

AP: Me. It looks so pretty on the outside, but it's been through some rough times.

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