HOT: Pat McAfee

Colts 6'1" 233-pound punter levels Broncos return man Trindon Holliday (5'5", 170), earns toughest kicker award. Sets sights on someone who can ride the Tilt-a-Whirl.

HOT: Florida State

Spanks No. 3 Clemson 51--14 to jump Oregon in BCS poll. Don't tell Nick Aliotti (see below) the 'Noles scored 14 in the fourth quarter.

HOT: Doug Martin

Torn labrum may sideline Bucs RB for season. Considering the dangers lurking in Tampa Bay (MRSA, Greg Schiano), he might have gotten off easy.

NOT: Nick Aliotti

Oregon D coordinator grouses after Washington State, down 38, keeps passing in fourth. Does he look at the final score of most Ducks games?

NOT: Marcus Vick

Disparaging tweets about Eagles QB Nick Foles sum up his own career: Even when Vick finds an open target, he misses the mark.