Over the last 43 years, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has published
numerous memorable portraits of prominent figures in sports. In
these 24 pages, we proudly present a gallery of the finest
portraiture in our archives--from Sonny's scowl to Chrissie's
smile, from Reggie's chest to Yogi's back, from a Tiger on the
fairway to one Bird on the mound and to another on the hardwood

COLOR PHOTO: JOHN G. ZIMMERMAN COVER A Gallery of Unforgettable Portraits FRANK GIFFORD 1959 COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY WALTER IOOSS JR. Hard Guys In an SI portrait with panache, Willie Stargell and Terry Bradshaw (12), our 1979 Sportsmen of the Year, did some milling around with other Steeltowners. [Willie Stargell and Terry Bradshaw with steel workers--T of C] COLOR PHOTO: BRIAN LANKER Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis, Magic Johnson & Jack Nicholson May 1986 [Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis and Magic Johnson holding Jack Nicholson]
COLOR PHOTO: M. COLOMBO/GAMMA-LIAISON Martina Navratilova February 1986 B/W PHOTO: UPI/CORBIS-BETTMANN Casey Stengel February 1949 COLOR PHOTO: RICH CLARKSON Pete Maravich January 1968 COLOR PHOTO: DAVID STRICK/OUTLINE Tiger Woods March 1991 B/W PHOTO: RICH CLARKSONWilt Chamberlain December 1956 COLOR PHOTO: LANE STEWART Mark Fidrych January 1977 [Mark Fidrych and Big Bird] COLOR PHOTO: LANE STEWART Larry Bird November 1977 [Larry Bird with two cheerleaders] COLOR PHOTO: ARNOLD NEWMAN Howard & Emmy Cosell July 1983 [Howard Cosell and Emmy Cosell] COLOR PHOTO: RICHARD MEEK Cassius Clay December 1963 [Muhammad Ali in bank vault] COLOR PHOTO: WALTER IOOSS JR. Walt Frazier February 1974 COLOR PHOTO: BILL SMITH Jim McMahon August 1985 COLOR PHOTO: PHIL BATHDuke Snider February 1958 COLOR PHOTO: JAMES DRAKE Leon Spinks February 1978 COLOR PHOTO: SHEEDY & LONG Reggie Jackson June 1969 COLOR PHOTO: BILL FRAKES Marge Schott April 1996 COLOR PHOTO: BRAD TRENT Bruce Smith July 1991 COLOR PHOTO: ANDREW ECCLES/OUTLINE Hakeem & Alon Olajuwon September 1990 [Hakeem Olajuwon and Alon Olajuwon] COLOR PHOTO: MICHAEL O'NEILL Michael Johnson April 1996 COLOR PHOTO: MARK KAUFFMAN Sandy Koufax January 1963 COLOR PHOTO: GRAHAM FINLAYSON Chris Evert November 1976 B/W PHOTO: FRED KAPLAN Sonny Liston November 1964 COLOR PHOTO: WALTER IOOSS JR. Yogi Berra March 1984 [Back view of Yogi Berra facing baseball diamond]