Every NHL team gets a bye week this season. See when your team’s is. 

By Dan Gartland
January 08, 2018

This season marks the second year in which each NHL team is required to have a five-day break in the second half of the season. The provision was added to the collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA in exchange for approving changes to the All-Star Game format. 

Opinions are split on the benefits of the new scheduling format. On the one hand, teams get an extended period to relax and recover. On the other, the time off forces some teams to squeeze several games into a narrow window. The Rangers, for example, played five games in seven-and-a-half days in November

Each team’s bye week will come in the month of January, beginning in the second week of the month. The full slate of off weeks can be found below. 

Avalanche: Jan. 7–12

Blackhawks: Jan. 15–19

Blue Jackets: Jan. 13–17

Blues: Jan. 10–15

Bruins: Jan. 8–12

Canadiens: Jan. 8–12

Canucks: Jan. 15–19

Capitals: Jan. 13–17

Coyotes: Jan. 7–11

Devils: Jan. 8–12

Ducks: Jan. 7–12

Flames: Jan. 15–19

Flyers: Jan. 8–12

Golden Knights: Jan. 8–12

Hurricanes: Jan. 15–19

Islanders: Jan. 8–12

Jets: Jan. 14–19

Kings: Jan. 7–12

Lightning: Jan. 12–17

Maple Leafs: Jan. 11–15

Oilers: Jan. 14–19

Panthers: Jan. 13–18

Penguins: Jan. 8–12

Predators: Jan. 10–15

Rangers: Jan. 8–12

Red Wings: Jan. 8–12

Sabres: Jan. 12–17

Senators: Jan. 11–17

Sharks: Jan. 8–12

Stars: Jan. 7–12

Wild: Jan. 15–19

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