• International flair? Growing hotbed? Or just a great name? More suggestions for expansion NFL locales, this time straight from the readers.
By The MMQB Staff
June 14, 2019

We received plenty of feedback on last week’s post in which MMQB staffers suggested potential locations for an NFL expansion team. Here are some of the responses: 

Albert Breer’s research [supporting an Austin-San Antonio franchise] is only missing one thing. If you’re going to base that team in San Antonio or Austin, the place to base it is San Antonio. Austin is and always will be ruled by Texas Longhorns football. Any team will get more local support in San Antonio.

As a nod to the possibility of a future Austin/San Antonio “Metroplex,” build the stadium either in Northeast San Antonio (the current site of the Retama Park Racetrack would be perfect) or between New Braunfels and San Marcos.

San Antonio would immediately rise to No. 1 in town as the Spurs seem to be headed for a painful rebuilding phase. But I guess the only thing more painful would be trying to get a stadium deal done for the Coyotes!

— Keith Richardson

Great article! But you barely mentioned St. Louis, which already has a stadium to get started. I know they’ve already lost two NFL teams but that makes the fan base all the more hungry and deserving.

— Jim Dennis

You forgot Sacramento. River City deserves a team. How about the Rios?

— D.B.

I would think that a Mexican city or two would deserve an expansion team, especially Mexico City, which has hosted a few games. Certainly over Bismarck, Iowa, Anchorage and OKC. Since you included Montreal, you cannot discount a non-U.S. city.

— George F. Harris

What about Virginia Beach? We’ve been wanting a team for years.

— Mark Peters

Is the obvious answer not London? (No, I don’t mean London in Ontario or any other North American state or territory, I’m talking about good ol’ Blighty). The four London games per year all sell out. There’s a ready-made market. Fans are very knowledgeable. Tottenham’s new stadium was designed to accommodate “American” football and debuts this year with two matches—no need to spend more money as this is a ready-made home stadium.

One potential issue could be that London would be a lot of British (and Irish, and a lot of European) fans’ second-choice team—I’m not changing allegiance from the 49ers, but then I would need a plane journey and a hotel to watch the NFL in London, which I’ve done both times the Niners played at Wembley.

Now, where did I leave my billions to bring to reality the London Towers/Knights/Ravens (no, Baltimore, London had them first)/Royals/Afternoon Tea Drinkers/Fish and Chips ... ?

— Alan Dowey

West Virginia Miners.

— Brian Carpenter

St. Louis and Salt Lake City should have been on the list.

— George Yardley

I can help you out with NFL expansion and provide just a little education at the same time. Pennsylvania is a great football state. We have a team in the far western part of the state (Pittsburgh) and the far eastern part (Philadelphia).

There is nothing in the middle of the state except the 41st-biggest TV market in the United States—bigger than Jacksonville, Birmingham, Oklahoma City, Louisville, New Orleans, Memphis and Buffalo. That No. 41 TV market is also a hotbed for football and consists of Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lebanon and Carlisle. Penn State is approximately two hours northwest of Harrisburg, the state capitol.

If there was an NFL team located in the middle of that sizable TV market (for example, suburban Harrisburg), it would be not be more than a 40-minute ride from any of those towns listed and about 30 miles, at the most, from each of the towns. Hershey, Pa., in the center of that big TV market, currently has a stadium that could be easily expanded to meet NFL guidelines. A new stadium could be built while the team plays in Hershey (or maybe it stays in Hershey.) Cumberland County is the second-fastest growing county in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is the fifth-most populous state in the country and certainly sizable enough to accommodate another NFL team. The “Central PA Barons” would be a great draw for NFL fans and located in a great TV Market for advertising.

— Michael Tucci

Albuquerque Thunderbirds.

— Deborah Alberti

How about a southeast Nebraska team that encompasses Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln and St. Joseph, Mo.?

— Joshua John Gage

The Hartford Fighting Insurance Agents?

— Joseph Jeresaty


Orlando needs a NFL team. Mark my words, if we get one it’s over for every NFL team in the league.

— M.S.

Louisville and Toronto!!!!

— Alan Gergen

I loved all of your selections, but I would also think that Omaha, Neb., would be an ideal choice, as the fervent fan base of the Nebraska Cornhuskers are proof that a team in this area would definitely work!

— Jason Peterson

Hampton Roads–Richmond, Va. Combined it’s in the top 25 markets in the country. Separated by only about 55 miles!

— Bernard Pitchford

Expansion? Hell, the NFL doesn’t have enough QBs for all the teams it has now

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