Ex-girlfriend of Washington Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster breaks silence, says decision to claim him felt like a "slap in the face."

By Scooby Axson
December 06, 2018

A former girlfriend of Washington Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster ripped the team's decision to pick him up on waivers, saying that the move was like a "slap in the face."

Elissa Ennis spoke to ABC News about her relationship with Foster, which she says began in 2014 while Foster played at the University of Alabama.

Foster was arrested on Nov. 24 in Tampa and booked on charges of domestic violence.

This followed two prior arrests for Foster in the past year, including charges of felony domestic violence. The charges were dropped after the after Ennis recanted.

"Because I loved him, and love will have you doin' things that's not in your best interests," Ennis said when asked why she recanted. "I did what I had to do for the person I love. I thought that he would change."

That arrest led to the 24–year-old Foster being suspended for the first two games of this season after violation of the league's personal conduct policy.

In this latest incident, an argument led to a physical confrontation.

A criminal report affidavit obtained by ABC News said that Foster allegedly slapped Ennis's "phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest area and slapped her with an open hand on the right side of her face." Officers responding to the scene saw a scratch on the side of Ennis's left collarbone and arrested Foster.

The 49ers released Foster after the incident in Tampa and the Redskins claimed him on waivers.

During a radio interview Redskins executive Doug Williams called Foster's domestic violence arrest "small potatoes."

"We've got people who are in high, high, high, high places that have done far worse, and if you look at it realistically, they're still up there," Williams said. "This is small potatoes [compared to] a lot of things out there."

Williams has since apologized for those comments.

Ennis said she is trying to move forward with her life to get closure.

"Like, everything I thought was love is really not love," she said. "It's not."

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