Curry’s donation will allow Howard to have a Division I golf program for the first time in its 152-year history.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
August 19, 2019

Stephen Curry is sponsoring the creation of men's and women's golf teams at Howard University, The Washington Post's Wesley Lowery reported on Monday.

According to the Post, Curry, a three-time NBA champion with the Warriors and an avid golfer, will announce a seven-figure donation paid out over the next six years. 

"No matter where you come from or what socioeconomic background you had, we all were that kid once upon a time that was just excited about finding out who they were as a person through athletics," Curry told the Post.

Curry’s donation will give Howard its first Division I golf program in its 152-year history. A Division II golf team folded in the 1970s.

The student-athletes who join Howard's golf program will reportedly also agree to volunteer with Eat. Learn. Play., a foundation run by Curry and his wife Ayesha that encourages healthy development in children.

Howard University atheltic director Kery Davis said hearing about Curry's donation "was sort of a jolt for us" to bring golf back to the school.

"Golf has always been a game of privilege,” Davis said. “An association with the sport can break down barriers."

University officials believe it will take about a year to hire a coach, recruit athletes and find a course to practice and play on. 

Curry’s announcement will take place Monday at Langston Golf Course, a historic black golf course in Washington, D.C.

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