Guy Fieri answers the NBA Final's most burning questions, including what he would cook the Warriors for dinner and what he thinks of Drake's trolling on the sideline. 

By Charlotte Wilder
June 07, 2019

Let’s get this out of the way, in case you’re wondering why I’m writing about Guy Fieri on a sports website. It’s because a) Guy Fieri himself is sports and b) Guy Fieri is a die-hard Warriors fan. Unfortunately, Guy Fieri—I’m sorry, I can’t call him Fieri, or even just Guy, so for the entire article he will be Guy Fieri—hasn’t been seen on the sidelines of the NBA Finals to watch his team take on the Raptors. 

Guy Fieri has a pretty good excuse for not being at the games, though: His very helpful publicist told me that he’s on a family vacation. I had reached out hoping to talk to Guy Fieri about his Warriors fandom, but if I’m being completely honest, I really just wanted any excuse at all to talk to Guy Fieri on the phone. Writing this article seemed like a good one.

Because of the aforementioned family vacation, I couldn’t actually speak to Guy Fieri. Which I totally respect—we all need to unplug! But he did agree to answer three questions by email (which was very nice of him, considering that when I go on vacation the first thing I do is throw my phone into the ocean).

The first thing I asked him was what he would cook for the Warriors if he could make them dinner after a victory. Guy Fieri said, “Well, that might depend on the time of year, where we are, the weather, yada yada. But I can tell you this, I’m hopin’ that dinner is just the dessert to a big plate of whoop ass that the boys have already served up!”

Let’s play that back: I’m hopin’ that dinner is just the dessert to a big plate of whoop ass that the boys have already served up. Good lord. You’re a poet, Guy Fieri.

The second thing I asked Guy Fieri was what he thought about Drake’s sideline antics. Drake is acting like he’s the biggest Raptors fan alive, even though he has Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s numbers tattooed on his arm. He’s gone so far as to show up at Game 1 wearing Steph’s dad’s old Raptors jersey, which I had to begrudgingly admit was a brilliant troll.

I was less impressed when Drake appeared at Game 2 in a sweatshirt with Macauley Culkin’s face on it from the movie Home Alone, in which Culkin played a young boy named Kevin (like Durant, get it?) whose family leaves him behind by accident when they go on vacation. Drake’s sweatshirt said, “KEVIN!??!?!” below the picture of Culkin’s face, which didn’t make much sense. Mostly because yes, Durant was hurt for the first three games of the series, but it’s not like he was left behind. He was still there. Plus, Kevin in Home Alone always ended up beating the bad guys. Do your research, Drake.

So I was interested to hear Guy Fieri’s thoughts on the Drake matter, given that they are dueling celebrity fans. But Guy Fieri was too nice to trash Drake. “You know, Drake’s a great guy,” Guy Fieri said. “We’ve cooked and had a few laughs. And I’ve seen a lot has been said about his trolling and his sideline program. So, with that said, I’ll leave it at this…Go Dubs!”

I was hoping for something a little spicier, but it’s nice that their basketball fandom hasn’t gotten in the way of their cooking and laughing together. Guy Fieri did, however, show a little sass when I asked if he thinks he could take Drake in a game of 1-on-1.

“I don’t know about that,” Guy Fieri wrote back, “But I’ll tell you what, I could crush him in a game of meatballs.”

I could crush him in a game of meatballs. Put that on my tombstone, folks. Drake, if you’re reading this, let me know if you want to talk about the Raptors and Guy Fieri. I would like to hear you defend your meatball game.

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