Votto shouted out the Raptors for their first NBA Finals win in franchise history.

By Michael Shapiro
June 14, 2019

Joey Votto doesn't have a World Series ring to take north of the border, but the Cincinnati Reds first baseman and Toronto native joined in on the Raptors' Finals celebration on Friday.

Votto shouted out the Raptors for their first Finals win in franchise history, while also making a compelling offer to Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard

"Kawhi Leonard, a clear all-time great, thank you for coming to our team. Thank you for playing as hard and consistent as you did," Votto said. "You're a free agent now, so it's obviously your choice, but if you decide to stay in Toronto with the Raptors, I have an unused Presto Pass with your name on it."

Bribing Leonard with a metro card isn't exactly a Godfather offer he can't refuse, but it could come in handy for Canada's newest "fun guy" and man of the people.

Votto is in his 13th season with Cincinnati. He sports a career .424 OBP along with 275 homers and 912 RBI

The Raptors win on Thursday marked the first Canadian championship in the major four sports since the Blue Jays won their second consecutive World Series in 1993.

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