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Phil Mickelson almost missed his Sunday tee time because his hotel caught fire. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 18, 2019

Phil Mickelson has been on the PGA Tour for more than 25 years, so he's seen basically everything. Still, this might be a new one. 

Lefty almost missed his Sunday tee time at the BMW Championship because his hotel was struck by lightning and caught on fire. According to the five-time major winner, he was evacuated and couldn't access his clothes or clubs as his tee time approached.

Luckily, EMTs were able to help Mickelson access his sticks, and then he motored to Medinah Golf Club just in time for what will almost surely be his last round of the 2018-19 season—Mickelson is unlikely to qualify for the Tour Championship, where only the top 30 in the FedEx Cup standings will compete. 

Mickelson arrived 30 minutes before his starting time wearing flip flops. He changed his shoes in the parking lot, took a couple practice swings and headed to the course. But, it would appear, he failed to tell his worried mother that he was alright. 

Pros—they're just like us!

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