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Trump’s score will rightfully raise eyebrows. 

By Dan Gartland
May 17, 2019

President Trump posted his first official golf score of 2019 and was very, very impressive. 

On Friday, New York sportswriter Leif Skodnick noticed that Trump had posted a score from last month on the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network. We don’t know exactly when or where the round was played but we do know, at least according his GHIN profile, that it was the round of his life. The President put himself down for a blazing 68. Under par!

Trump at first appeared to have really caught lightning in a bottle that day, because the score of 68 was a remarkable 28 strokes better than the 96 he posted in October (his next most recent score). 

But something seemed a little fishy here. Trump’s GHIN profile also included four scores from rounds in May, all in the triple digits, that had not yet been included for handicap revision purposes. (The next revision will take place at the end of the month.) The four rounds were all played on relatively easy courses, with course ratings between 60.4 and 68.9.

It was a little weird that Trump, after posting just one score since his inauguration, would then post five in the past month. And the GHIN system is terribly unsecure. All you need to post a score is the golfer’s seven-digit identification number and their last name—not even a password. 

Furthermore, the course rating and slope rating associated with the round of 68 didn't match up with Trump’s courses in West Palm Beach and Virginia, the ones CNN says he’s played most recently.

After reaching out to the USGA to ask if it’s possible someone could be playing a prank by posting fraudulent scores on the President’s profile, it turns out that Trump was indeed hacked.

Trump has a history of scores being improperly posted to his GHIN profile. In October 2017, a score of 68 was posted and later deleted from Trump’s profile, with the prevailing theory that it was added either in error or as a joke. 

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