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Larry “Bone Collector” Williams did what no boxer could do: Put Floyd Mayweather on the deck. 

By Dan Gartland
July 09, 2019

You hate to see it

Larry “Bone Collector” Williams did what no boxer could do: Put Floyd Mayweather on the deck.

Mayweather participated in a charity basketball game on Monday night at UCLA, captaining a team of celebs against a team led by Rob Gronkowski. Bone Collector was on Team Gronk and added the tibias and fibulas of the former boxing champ to his collection with a nasty crossover and a three over Mayweather’s lifeless body. 

Because Mayweather is a terrible person and it’s fun to watch bad things happen to him, let’s enjoy a few more angles of that vicious cross. 

This is the second year in a row that Mayweather has been humiliated in this charity event. Last year he had a shot swatted away by model and actress Brittney Elena (who was once rumored to be dating Kevin Durant). 

He needs to come back next year and get put on a poster to complete the trifecta of humiliation. 

Pete Alonso became a star

Vlad Guerrero Jr. had the most prodigious display of power but it was Mets rookie Pete Alonso who got the better of him in the final round of the Home Run Derby. Alonso didn’t just win it, he was quite possibly more fired up than anybody else in the field. 

And Alonso had a good reason to be so amped. The $1 million prize he earned is nearly double the $555,000 salary he’ll make this year, though he’s donating 10% to charity

The best of SI

The oral history of Blue Chips, which came out 25 years ago. ... Grant Wahl’s cover story on the USWNT is predictably outstanding. ... The Thunder’s plan to blow it up looks like it could be a perfect rebuild.

Around the sports world

The Lakers are going to use LeBron as their primary point guard next season. ... An Olympic swimmer saved a tourist who was drowning at an Italian beach. ... Yankees announcer Michael Kay won’t be able to speak or even clear his throat for three weeks after vocal cord surgery. ... Justin Verlander had some really harsh words about the juiced balls in MLB.

Zion isn’t the only Pelicans rookie who can get up

Right down the middle

Is this the first time the rim of the Stanley Cup has been salted?

Pete Alonso’s teammate was just as excited as he was

It’s a non-stop party

Tiger is waking up before a lot of people go to sleep

Who is Mike Trout?

The anti-Home Run Derby

This is the only way you can see Bryce Harper in Cleveland this week

Eastern Michigan’s defensive tackles coach packs a wallop

Now kids will be dressing up like her

Not sports

An orange “exotic” bird turned out to be just a seagull covered in curry. ... The plume of bourbon flowing through the Kentucky River after the Jim Beam warehouse fire is killing thousands of fish. ... Bay Area rapper G-Eazy is reportedly the favorite to play Elvis in a biopic.

How they made the Stranger Things title sequence

Now that’s a cool magic trick

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