Mets paid tribute to the 1969 team, but included living players in a montage of deceased players.

By Jimmy Traina
July 01, 2019

1. Everyone in New York is having a field day mocking the Knicks after Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Nets, but that doesn't mean the Mets should get a free pass for their debacle this weekend.

In the middle of losing two out of three games to the Braves, New York honored its 1969 World Series winning team on Saturday. During a video montage of players from the team who have passed on, pitcher Jesse Hudson and outfielder Jim Gosger were included.

There was only one problem. Hudson and Gosger are alive.

How this mistake happens with one player, let alone TWO, who the hell knows? But the Mets realized the error and tried to make amends for it Sunday night.

Classy apology, but guess what? THE METS SCREWED THAT UP, TOO!!!

Look closely. They apologized to Jessie Hudson. His name is Jesse. First they killed the poor guy, then they spelled his name wrong in the apology.

A cynic might suggest the organization did this on purpose to distract from the fact that the Mets are 38-47 and 12 games behind the Braves in the NL East, but a Mets fan would probably just tell you, "Typical Mets."

2. Please indulge me and allow me to translate this tweet for people on Twitter who are either dopes, have no sense of humor or both.

If NBA free agency begins at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, it makes zero sense for MLB, which already struggles mightily to compete with the NBA on social media, to schedule its All-Star roster announcement for 5:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. Do it at noon on Sunday. Do it at 9 a.m. on Monday. Do it any other time where you can maximize attention instead of getting zero attention. This does not seem like a radical thought.

3. Fred McGriff explaining the origins of his famous Tom Emanski video is almost as good as Fred McGriff's Tom Emanski commercial.

4. Mike Tyson as every character from Family Matters is something you'll want to watch.

5. Rob Gronkowski has caused a buzz in recent days because of the change to his post-football body. There's a TB12 Method joke to be made here, but I'm not funny enough to figure out what it is.

6. When all the excitement wears off, I hope Nets fans understand that Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn will not end well. His odd personality + the New York media will = disaster. Especially if stuff like this is true.

7. The latest SI Media Podcast features a very spirited interview with Seth Rollins. The WWE Universal champion was on fire, defending the WWE from recent criticisms about the product, addressing Dean Ambrose's controversial comments in which he bashed the WWE, and opening up about his relationship with "The Man," Becky Lynch. It is a must-listen for any wrestling fan.

You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.​​​​

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Sports people like to celebrate July 1 because of former Mets outfielder Bobby Bonilla.

Personally, I always like to use the occasion to remember two of Bonilla's locker room meltdowns.

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