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Gabrielle Union says Dwyane Wade "has no idea what's happening' post-retirement."

By Jimmy Traina
May 23, 2019

1. "He has no idea what's happening."

That was actress Gabrille Union describing Dwyane Wade's post-retirment life on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

Union was light-heartedly explaining that after spending his adult life in the NBA, her husband has been blown away by the minutiae of the real world.

For example, Union said that Wade was bascially in awe of Old Navy after shopping there for the first time. She said Wade loves the car wash after going to one recently for the first time in his life. And she called out the future Hall of Famer for thinking milk costs $20.

Corden summed up perfectly what life is like for a superstar athlete when he told Union, "It's like he's just come out of a coma."

2. How on Earth do you even begin to choose who to root for in this Kevin Durant-Chris Broussard feud?

Durant should be the obvious answer, but he's fighting with an FS1 host, which is just embarrassing. The Warriors star has to be above this nonsense and like we said the other day about Odell Beckham and Baker Mayfield, it's just so shortsighted that they'd play this game and give hot takers the attention they crave.

However, we can never side with Broussard, who pulled one of the most laughable and pathetic moves we've ever seen from a sports media person. If you'll recall back in 2014 when LeBron James left Miami to return to Cleveland, he made the annoucement in a first-person story on After the story was published IN LEBRON'S OWN WORDS, Broussard went on ESPN and Twitter and "confirmed" that LeBron was going to the Cavs. AFTER LEBRON ANNOUNCED IT HIMSELF!;

Find someone better to fight with, KD.

3. Jeopardy! James keeps rolling. He notched his 25th straight win Wednesday night and he's closing in on $2 million in winnings. He's also getting sassier and sassier.

4. Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen threw out congratulations to his manager Mickey Callaway last night after the skipper notched his 100th win.

However, Mets Twitter wasn't having it.

5. A brand new SI Media Podcast features an interview with newly retired NFL star, and's Game of Thrones correspondent, Chris Long. The two-time Super Bowl champion talks about the controversial finale, the process he went through writing weekly recaps for SI, how Twitter has changed the way people watch TV, his decision to retire, whether he'd come back, starting a new media company, and much more. He even makes a reference to smoking weed, since many people seem to care about that. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes, Spotifyand Google Play.

6. This is such a ridiculous way to spend your time if you're an NFL head coach.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: If you haven't seen it yet, Jennifer Hudson sang The Jeffersons theme song—one of the best in TV history—Wednesday night live on ABC. As I said on Twitter, it's wild to watch this and remember that she finished in seventh place on American Idol.


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IN CLOSING: Dan Gilbert said in a new interview that everything revolved around LeBron when he was a Cavalier as if that's shocking or a knock. Everything ususally does revolve around a guy WHEN HE'S THE BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET.

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