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Richard Jefferson sent three tweets during the Western Conference Finals. They prove how dangerous the Warriors are. 

By Dan Gartland
May 21, 2019

No KD, no problem

The Warriors closed out a sweep against the Blazers last night in Portland, escaping with a 119–117 win in overtime behind a 37-point triple double from Stephen Curry. 

We already know that Golden State is the most dominant team of the current NBA era, but what made the Portland series so remarkable is how the Warriors won. Former NBA player Richard Jefferson (who knows as well as anybody how hard the Warriors are to beat) sent just three tweets during the series and do as good a job of explaining the outcome as thousands of words of analysis. 

In Game 2, the Warriors trailed by 17 as late as 16 seconds into the second half. In Game 3, Portland actually led by 18 with 2:28 left in the first half. The most outrageous Golden State comeback was in the clinching Game 4, when the Blazers led by 17 with 1:55 to play in the third quarter

The fact that the Warriors were able to come back from deficits of nearly 20 points not just once but in three consecutive games is astounding, and even more so when you consider that they’re missing perhaps the best player in the world.

They won every game of the series despite spending most of the time playing from behind.

Jefferson’s tweets make it clear just how crushing this loss was for the Blazers. No one expected them to actually win the series, and building large leads late in the game like they did was enough to make people think Portland was for real. But in the end it was just like The Hound repeatedly stabbing The Mountain and realizing nothing could stop such a monster. 

There’s one Golden State play to make fun of, though

The game may not have gone to overtime if Steph hadn’t traveled before taking a potential go-ahead shot with 10 seconds left. I mean, he basically walked the length of the baseline. 

His brother was right there to make sure the refs didn’t miss the call. 

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