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A Florida man was arrested for shooting hoops in the nude, but he says he plays better without clothes.

By Khadrice Rollins
May 14, 2019

What if I told you there was a very simple way to improve your basketball skills that anybody can do? Would you run the risk of getting arrested to test out this theory and improve your game?

Well, one man in Florida decided to take that chance when he went to a park on Sunday to shoot some hoops in the nude.


The trick to a better jump shot is having your a-- out in the open. Who would have thought? And who is going to tell Ben Simmons?

At least, that's what this man claimed. He told police he "feels playing naked enhances his skill level." And before you ask, the police report says neither drugs nor alcohol were involved.

So, if this sober man was getting better at basketball playing in the nude, would that work for any other sports?


So, being nude while a baseball is flying around would make everyone more attentive. Batters would be so laser-focused inside the box that home runs might increase even more. But that would probably also be because catchers would never call for a pitch low ever again due to fear of a foul tip or wild pitch.

Verdict: Better hitting, but worse catching, so let's keep everyone clothed on the diamond.


Even if quarterbacks show an improvement in accuracy and defenses move even quicker to the ball, guys still have to hit each other. No helmets might mean fewer concussions because of less aggressive hits and more awareness about where people put their heads, but one form tackle will make everyone want to take a break from the game.

Verdict: If you play the sport with pads, you should probably make sure to play with pants.


Nobody would have pockets to hold the extra tennis balls needed when it's time to serve, but that just means more responsibility for ball boys. But with all the quick movements that would, ummm, cause some things to bounce around, swinging a racket might not end well for somebody.

Verdict: This is one court where you should keep your clothes on because of the equipment if nothing else.


This is how the people of ancient France and Greece wanted the sport to be played. There is a lot of grabbing though. So that could lead to unnecessary pain if people aren't mindful.

Verdict: I've seen wrestlers in the locker room in high school. Y'all have been waiting for somebody to tell you it's okay to hit the mat without a singlet your whole lives and this is that moment.

Just know, I'm not responsible if the police show up and want to charge you.

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