These picks are built for playing hard all summer.  

If your workout plans involve water, you’re going to need a sport swimsuit that stays in place and allows you to move freely. Since different water sports (SUP, surfing, snorkeling, or logging serious laps) have unique challenges, choosing the right swimsuit can be difficult. While surfers may want extra coverage to protect from UV rays, for example, someone doing SUP may require a suit that lets them move their arms freely for perfect form. Here, the best sport swimsuits for the water workout of your choice.

For SUP: TYR Brooke Bralette and Classic Bikini Bottom 

Courtesy of Kohls
The top’s thin straps and open back boost mobility for a more powerful stand-up paddleboarding stroke.

To buy: Top ($40; and bottom ($30;

For Laps: Nike Core Solid Tank One-Piece Swimsuit

Courtesy of Nike
Don't let the barely there feel fool you: The streamlined fit keeps you fast in the water. 

To buy: $60;

For Laps: Speedo Quantum Splice-PowerFlex Eco

Courtesy of Speedo
Bouncy breasts can be a problem while you're doing laps; the built-in bra puts an end to jostling.

To buy: $78;

For Snorkeling: Patagonia Fair Trade Solid Nanogrip Bikini Top and Bottom

Courtesy of Patagonia
Don't worry about your suit beating you to the surface. Textured lining helps this one cling to the body.

To buy: Top ($69; and bottom ($65;

For Surfing: Roxy Pop Surf Long-Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit

Courtesy of Roxy
The in-between swell time can bring on chills super quick—luckily this number has extra coverage to keep you warm while you wait for the next wave. 

To buy: $90;

For Everything: Athleta Tri-ssential Tankini

Courtesy of Athleta

The back pockets on the top—great for stashing fuel—make this suit ideal for multi-sport days.

To buy: Top ($79; and bottom ($49;

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