Punter Evan Finegan suffered a gruesome leg injury similar to Joe Theismann's during Buffalo's game against Penn State on Sept. 7.

By Jenna West
September 17, 2019

Buffalo punter Evan Finegan received a surprise phone call from Joe Theismann after suffering a gruesome leg injury similar to that of the former Redskins star.

Finegan told the Detroit Free Press that he was being transported from a hospital when Theismann called him.

"He was very worried," Finegan said. "He wanted to know all of the details."

Finegan broke his fibula and tibia in his right leg on Sept. 7 in a game against Penn State. Nittany Lions running back Journey Brown attempted to block a punt by Finegan and the two met in a collision which caused the punter's leg to bend awkwardly.

The Buffalo sophomore underwent surgery to repair his leg and is expected to recover and hopefully play next season. Last week, Finegan told The Buffalo News that surgeons placed a rod against his tibia and found no damage to his right leg's muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Theismann never returned to the NFL after breaking his leg in a 1985 game against the Giants. After being sacked by linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Theismann suffered a compound fracture that's considered one of the worst injuries in sports history.

"Joe Theismann is being very supportive and gave me his phone number. We've been texting back and forth since then," Finegan said. "He asks if there is anything he can do and he gives advice. 'Here's what to watch out for. Look out for these symptoms.' "

He added: "He was telling me some of his complications. I'm pretty lucky how mine turned out, compared to his. His was pretty rough. He said he still has a lot of ankle damage. Mine was pretty high up and stayed away from the ankle–I was lucky and pretty fortunate."

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